Performance in accordance with standards and the continuous improvement cycle result in:

  • excellent services to meet the demands and expectations of customers
  • stability for investing in the development of the company and ensuring the satisfaction of employees, as well as for the stakeholders in the environment which we work in
  • continuous growth of employees and their competences and providing conditions for their professional development
  • cooperation with qualified suppliers in order to achieve optimal logistics flows across the entire supply chain
  • providing an appropriate level of equipment for development, production and quality control

Quality Management System

In Te-Te Plast, the quality of the product is of primary importance. It is planned at the stage of product development and the process and is constantly being upgraded with the use of tools for improving quality and practice. We take into account the needs and requirements of our clients, giving a full study of the performance of the requested change. With continuous internal evaluation of the quality management system, we get a report on the status of implementation of the quality management system, according to which we make appropriate corrections and constantly improve our processes based on the perceived possibilities. Preventive control of the production process and support processes using statistical methods and efficient problem solving using the 8D structured method and tools (Ishikawa, 5Why, Pareto, etc.) provides a reduction in products that do not comply with the target for zero error.

Also, in the main focus of Te-Te Plast are the employees and their well-being. Through development of employees and their stimulus, the positive results in terms of the work of the company are obtained. For that purpose, efforts are made in the increasingly efficient communication, as well as dedication to a great number of resources and time for education and training of all our employees, both in professional areas, as well as in the field of quality, environmental protection, mutual relations, management and other areas.

Quality Certificates

Measuring the required high level of quality management systems for production and implementation of services has been carried out a longer time ago and is based on the quality certificates that are awarded to us and confirmed with the subsequent audits of the quality management system. Te-Te Plast has ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 standards, and is in the process of recertification according to the IATF 16949 standard.

Measurement and testing

In our own laboratory we have the necessary equipment to ensure the following: – implementation of accurate dimensional products (3D meters, optical meters, measuring devices, etc.), performing tests for functionality and control of mechanical properties.

At the request of our customers, we also perform tests of materials and products according to their standards and norms in external accredited laboratories.
The QA system continuously applies the five quality pillars:

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